We Are Best Fabric Textiles

Best Fabric Textiles has started its business in the year of 2010 with a view to supply quality fabric to the Bangladeshi garment factories. We mainly import fabric from China, India and Indonesia. With over 10 years of development experience, we’ve built a business with a solid foundation that meets the needs of our customers.

Fast Delivery

We give fast delivery in due date with fair delivery price.


We are flexible with payment methods without lowering the quality.

Sample Availablity

Samples for presentations are always available.

Our Confidence

Skilled Workforce and the highest quality of resources.

Our Laboratory Testing

Our in-house laboratory and testing facilities provide us with a first-class level of technical support that is unrivaled in the textiles industry. Every fabric we produce is thoroughly tested against our client’s specifications, giving assurance and peace of mind that they are produced within strict manufacturing tolerances, and are designed to perform steadily to extremely high standards. Our testing establishment is rigorous and contains a wide range of industry standard testing procedures. Where more customized testing is required, we have close links to a network of research universities with specialist testing facilities. In addition, we are able to complete a full fabric analysis to identify the yarn types, weave construction, treatments and coatings of fabric samples in order to reverse engineer like-for-like equivalents – or design improved alternatives. We have successfully offered many of our customer’s improvements against their existing fabrics, which have subsequently raised performance levels, eliminated specific problems and/or offered cost benefits.


Last one decade, Best Fabric Textiles has insisted on creating textile products that are healthy and environmental friendly for the world with the concept of green, environmental protection and sustainable growth. We promote the use of natural and renewable textile ingredients, the use of safe and healthy auxiliaries and dyestuff, the application of new kit and new process, the study of new technologies, and the development of green, low carbon textiles and clothes, to create a green and sustainable supply chain of textile and clothing and to make positive influences for the regeneration and prosperity of the world’s textile industry.One of our mill has won the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award by the research of “high flow membrane treatment and recycle technology of dyeing wastewater and its industrialization”, and has achieved many major breakthroughs of energy saving, emission reduction, green and low carbon technologies in the textile industry, such as jigger dyeing and water reuse technology.

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