5 Important Points to Remember when Sourcing Fabric

Have you been on the lookout for outstanding textiles or fabric for your brand or apparel? Well, we understand fabric sourcing is a task that is daunting. Preparation, organization, and research are essential when it comes to finding the right suppliers. It is acceptable to work with an agent or still opt to directly link up with fabric mills and manufacturers. Sometimes very irregular fabric like organic and recycled fabric can’t be found in market. Remember these before you begin fabric sourcing:

  1. Preliminary Checks are Essential

By this I mean do your homework before you commit. Compare this to when you need a car, or something of value. You will never wake up one day and walk to the showroom to pick a car. This applies to fabric sourcing, to get it right, you have to conduct self-research. You can check out fabric mill websites to begin with. Contact those without websites. Order swatches online and have a feel beforehand. Remember a simple mistake can have serious repercussions.

An important note to remember is that you cater for shipping costs for swatches. Once the right fabric is received test it out. If it not satisfactory, explain to the fabric mill and ask for more swatches. Avoid intimidation during fabric sourcing. Do not place an order if you have your doubts. You also need to order a few meters if you feel satisfied with a swatch then make a garment from it. Only when fully satisfied should you place a big order.

  • What is your Target market?

It is good to understand your niche in the massive fashion industry. Bear in mind the fact that you will never satisfy the need of everyone. Narrow down your choices, ranging from gender you intend to serve or the type of fabric whether sustainable or organic. Is it meant for making formal or casual fits? Consider if you aim at solving a problem or filling a gap in the market. The goal of your brand as well as the product type you desire will determine what fabric to buy.

  • Flexibility

There is someone for everyone, we hear this all the time. It is apparent also that there is a supplier for everyone when it comes to fabric sourcing. You may get a factory or mill that is not a good fit for your specifications and this does not mean your search ends. You should keep looking. A representative may even refer you to some other territory or factory that meets your needs.  One of the best ways to conduct good business is by being polite with agents. Your attitude can attract suggestions from reps even when you least expected.

  • Be Inquisitive

We can all agree no one knows everything. In this regard, keep an open mind when shopping for the right fabric. Do not be satisfied with what you already know. Try to interact as much as possible with representatives. Ask what styles sell best, without disclosing your motive. Ask their opinions about certain fabrics and why they recommend them.

Fabric sourcing can be so much easier if you understand exactly what to look out for. The above practical tips can help you get the best fabric for your brand.

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